Hello, I’m Mr. Morris!

I’m a black and white cat and a lucky one at that. My stripes echo my life, sometimes black, sometimes white, or even somewhere in between.

Mr. Morris is our mascot, he exhibits the best human qualities, thoughts, and feelings. He travels around the world and loves people, places, art, and experiences. He encourages people to explore their artistic sides and better themselves and those around them.

Mr. Morris lives at The Sanchaya, in Bintan and has several programs already up and running and others that Mr Morris supports.

Mr Morris – The Foundation current programs include: Education & Scholarships, An Orphanage & Home for the Elderly and Environment protection projects.

Caring for those around us and protecting the environment in which we live is essential to the values Mr Morris holds dear to his heart and his vision for a world as perfectly imperfect as possible. He forges forwards, trail blazing as all True Individualists do, to ensure a better world for all those he is able to reach.

Education & Scholarships

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

  • Mr. Morris offers scholarships to a number of adolescents in Bintan, Indonesia.
  • Through these scholarships, the students are able to attend a hospitality school on the island and enroll in a one-year program: 6 months theoretical training and 6 months internship at The Sanchaya Estate.
  • After graduation, the students will be hired by The Sanchaya.
  • The experience gained from school, internship and then the job, will give them the possibility to later work, further afield, in places such as the Maldives or UAE.

Orphanage & Elderly Home

  • Mr. Morris supports “Anugerah” social foundation in Bintan.
  • It’s a unique initiative that hosts a home for the elderly and an orphanage, under the same roof.
  • The foundation has an orphanage, a home for the elderly, a school, a medical office with all necessary infrastructures: cantine, kitchen, cleaning and washing, etc.
  • The children and the seniors live together, interact and help each other on a daily basis.


  • Mr. Morris is developing a program to clean the beaches of Bintan and collect all the plastic waste.
  • A plastic recycling micro-factory will be installed on the island.
  • The Sanchaya estate has its own water purification facility. We don’t use plastic bottles but produce our own water for our guests.
  • The Sanchaya has a full recycling program, we take care of the place we live and try to minimize the impact on the environment.
  • Sanchaya is a straw-free hotel. We only use paper products, no plastic.

We support other programs

Mr. Morris is constantly looking for other interesting programs to fund and support. We are actively looking to develop programs with charity foundations in the region.

Mr. Morris’ choice

“Mr. Morris’ choice” is a program developed to support young artists and to empower new voices. Mr. Morris is constantly looking for artists, art initiatives, art programs, films, etc. to support and promote.